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As a Click-to-Share button for wireless presentation, WPS-E-1000 Button realizes screen mirroing of your personal device to the meeting room’s WPS-E-1000 Touch with extended BYOM feature.

Requiring No Network and Installation

For guests who don’t have access to the company network, they can share personal mobile devices wirelessly through WPS-E-1000 Button. There is no requirement for network and software installations. The user-friendly design with one-click to share brings you a hassle-free experience.

One Click to Share Wirelessly

Cable-free | Two-way touch control

One click and share the screen content of your laptop instantly, WPS-E-1000 Button with wireless presentation system frees you from cables and adapters. It supports touch control from both your personal screen and IQTouch, which brings the greatest convenience to the presenters.

Multiple Content Sharing

Share any files you want. Select the sharing mode as the entire screen or preferred content to ensure privacy. Audio, video, photos or documents can be presented to enrich your meeting room and other interaction.

Bring Your Own Meeting*

Allow you wirelessly share you personal screen, access camera and microphone of the office IQTouch display, and start the video conference using your preferred UC platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex).

Easy Pairing

Pairing the WPS-E-1000 Button with IQTouch display by one click as well. No driver is required. Everytime when you want to share your laptop screen, simply plug the button into the laptop, press and present.

Guest-Friendly Sharing

For guests who don’t have access to the company network, they can still present or share wirelessly with their laptops in your office through WPS-E-1000 Button. Network connectivity is not a must for temporary users.

Multiple Ideas Presenting

Multiple Click-to Share buttons can be connected and up to 4 personal screens can be shared, presenting various ideas by split screens simultaneously and stimulate brainstorming on one centered display.

Flexible Compatibility

No matter what laptop you’re using, WPS-E-1000 Button is compatible with all mainstream operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS.

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