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Wireless Presentation System

Wireless Meeting Room
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Latentech AV wireless presentation system is a multimedia device that uses screen mirroring technology to allow users to stream content from their personal device to a large screen or projector.

The very point and purpose of a wireless presentation system is to allow clients (users) to connect their device to the display without the restrictions and compatibility issues inherent in a cabled connection.

For example, one MacBook Pro might have Mini-Display Port as its video interface, while another employs USB-C. Getting both connected to the display requires different adapters and cables. With a wireless presentation system, both users would connect without cables or adapters.


LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation System Flexibility and ease of us, Share content and present with a single click on the Button. The ultimate wireless presentation experience in just one click. Magic happens when minds meet. Share presentations, videos, and content from your laptop, tablets and smart phones in meetings, without the hassle of cables, control panels or adapters. It's perfectly suited for both huddle spaces and large meeting spaces and is flexible enough for corporate use.

Collaboration System

The modern workspace is constantly evolving. A wireless presentation system offers the flexibility to use any room as long as they have a computer or any connected device. It’s a must for collaborative working environments to boost efficiency, not just to get rid of the annoying cables! Ultimate wireless presentation experience in just one click, Share content and present with a single click on the Button.

Wireless Screen Sharing
Wireless HDMI to HDMI

LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation solution are gaining popularity in business settings due to their numerous advantages over traditional wired connections. One of the most notable benefits is the elimination of cables. LatenTech AV wireless presentation solution connect your device (BYOD) in seconds. This results in a more seamless and polished presentation, enhancing the professional image of the presenter.

Wireless Presentation System

Allow for smooth, collaborative meetings in any workspace or meeting room. LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation Technology support meetings, empower people, and provide a better work experience multiple presenters get an opportunity to easily share information and no time is wasted when switching between presenters. Employees can easily connect their devices to the system and take turns sharing their screens, eliminating the need for cluttered cables.

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