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What is BYOM (Bring your own meeting)?


In today’s workplaces, many people tend to bring their own device to the office. As a natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to connect wirelessly to the meeting room screen with your own device, and start the video conference using your preferred UC platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex).

Automatic Meeting Flow Boosts Productivity

Avoid spending time to set up hybrid meetings with your unfamiliar AV equipment, simply walk into the meeting room and connect wirelessly to the existing facilities, without pausing your ongoing video call. No cables, no mess.

Remote Collaboration Never Been Easier

Designed with BYOM in mind, WPS-E-1000 brings intuitive collaboration experience to your hybrid meeting by allowing remote participants to share their personal screen or view content shared on the room display with no requirement of the same LAN.

WPS-E-1000 Operating System

Based on the Android 9.0 deeply customized wireless presentation system, screen sharing operation becomes simpler. With the annotation, whiteboard, reverse control, and other interactive collaboration functions supported, you would not be interrupted while coming up with some new inspiration. Greatly improve the efficiency of decision-making in the meeting.

Two Themes
Annotate Anytime And Anywhere
Whiteboard Writing

Wireless, Wide-range, Stable Transmission

With dual-band 2.4G & 5G wifi, WPS-E-1000 supports 35m transmission distance with low latency, which can be used for any size of conference rooms. The long-lasting stability of screen sharing also allows you to smoothly show the ideas without being disrupted.


Two-way Screen Share & Control

Wirelessly share the screen content on your personal device to the office display, and the rest of the team can see from both the office display and their own devices.

Touch back control

Use mobile phone or laptop to realize air mouse, remote control, keyboard and other functions, everyone can easily control the office display at their seat.

Smart control on office display

Presenters can directly control the mobile devices and make annotations on the large screen, all the operations are synchronized to display in screen sharing.

Mobile visualizer

Use the camera on your mobile phone or tablet as a temporary visualizer to shoot real objects or documents, which can be presented wirelessly on the large screen during the meeting.

Give Everyone A World Showing The Ideas

Multiple split screens make it possible to share various ideas on one display simultaneously. Give the group a world full of creativity, which stimulates brainstorming and team discussion.

At the same time

· More than 32 users can be connected
· Max 8 buttons connected
· 4-split screen displayed

Extended screen

User can set the office display as an extended screen and directly drag the presentation content to the big screen without exposing the rest of his PC desktop.

Freeze screen

No need to disconnect the screen sharing when you want to deal with some personal stuff on your device, just freeze the content being shared on the big screen.

Connection Diagram
· Bring your own meeting

Wireless conferencing with brilliant Full HD camera resolution.

· Easy Screen Share

Laptops can be presented through software client or plugging a Button, while smartphones and tablets connect via mobile App or screen mirroring (AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast).

· Any Presentation Display

No matter there is a projector, TV or touch screen in your boardroom, as long as the display is with HDMI input, just plug and play to go wireless.

Say Goodbye to UC Incompatibility

WPS-E-1000 is compatible with almost all USB cameras, USB video soundbars, USB speakerphones and professional AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) solutions with USB interface.

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