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Touchscreen displays are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. People can interact with the display by touching the screen instead of typing on a keyboard or using a remote control. Touchscreen displays also provide an easy way to access information quickly and easily. If you are still using the traditional monitor, you can think about replacing it with an interactive touchscreen display.

If you are designing a new work environment, you can consider integrating interactive touchscreen displays With a Wireless Presentation System in your meeting rooms. An interactive touchscreen display is like a huge tablet, it’s intuitive to use and gives users opportunities to collaborate seamlessly.

You Can Make Your Interactive Touchscreen Display More Productive

If you never used an interactive touchscreen display before, you don’t know you need it. However, you will rely on it once you start using it in your workflow. The interactive features increase meeting engagement and inspire people to come out with better ideas. With a wireless presentation system, you even make your workflow more productive than ever.

LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation System support all kinds of devices to wirelessly share the screen. You don’t need to worry about the operating system. No matter if it’s a Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device, you can do screen mirroring. After installing a LatenTech AV Astrogate in your workplace, you enjoy hassle-free meetings. your device can wirelessly connect to the room’s AV peripherals with just a click. Then you can start a wireless video conference. If the moderator wants to write anything on his slides during the presentation. By touching the interactive display, he is able to annotate slides or use the digital whiteboard. LatenTech AV Astrogate wireless presentation solutions also support up to 4 people to share the screen to the display simultaneously. That makes brainstorming sessions more efficient and dynamic.

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