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Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer Review

At a very affordable price, Nebelr is an air purifier that is a complete ion generator made to weigh down the dust and mold particles in your car or small room with attaching ions. Thus, paired with it’s simple design and an extremely convenient set up process the Nebelr is as helpful as some of the top-rated air purifiers out there, making your car a whole lot cleaner and easier to breathe in.

Why We Like It – Nebelr

Probably the simplest air purifier you can find out there, the Nebelr is more of a Ion generator than a filter. However, not to be worried, the Nebelr air purifier will most probably have no side effects on you, your family or the pets you have. It makes the dust particles fall down to the floor easier than ever thanks to the 10 million ions it outputs per cm3. And so with all that, a simple design and a quiet operation, the Nebelr is a cheap and easy to use air purifier you can get right now to ease your allergies.


Easy to use Affordable. No maintenance or replacements required every now and then.


Not a very large room coverage.


Releasing 10 Million negative ions per cm3, the Nebelr Air Purifier eases your allergies and protects your overall immune system. The ions go on ahead to form bonds with the airborne particles ranging from smoke dust and mould particles, weighing them down to the ground, away from your immune systems. This makes the air quality a whole lot better. Nebelr does indeed keep the environment clean within its 150 Square feet range. This is however limited, considering how you have to plug in the purifier into a USB socket, but that also makes it easy to install, needing nothing else to be manually inputted into it. You can also easily plug it into your Car.

Overall, as an Ion generator the Nebelr operates pretty great, but options with HEPA filters as well as an activated carbon filter for odours just makes a another option considering. They even offer a longer range, but another benefit the Nebelr carries that they don’t is the fact that you will no longer need to upkeep the filters on the Nebelr air purifier as there are none. It is simply powered by the USB electricity giving out negative ions. As for noise production, with a pretty low power consumption the Nebelr air purifier manages to stay near silent even during operation.


Weighing under 358g and with a pretty compact size, the Nebelr air purifier doesn’t take up much space at all and easily fits into a car cup holder for easy functionality. It comes with a LED light indicating whether or not the device is connected.


Priced at INR 4999, the Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer is much cheaper than a HEPA filter one or most of other air purifiers.

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