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Meetings are an inescapable element of running a business. With the rise of remote and dispersed workforces, it’s more important than ever for teams to be able to communicate successfully even when they’re not in the same room. Meeting and Conference room technology is a must when bringing people together for meetings. Regrettably, it does not always operate as smoothly as businesses would want.

Here are four frequent meeting rooms problems

Delayed meetings due to HDMI or AV cables

Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready for a major meeting only to discover that you’re facing connectivity issues due to HDMI cables or your laptop is unable to connect to the projector’s AV cables. These cables and wires make your meeting room look messy and cluttered. Moreover, it’s time-consuming to plug and unplug HDMI or AV cables to connect different sources. This raises your dependence on the IT guy causing delayed meetings which is a significant time-sink for all participants. A simple and cost-effective solution is to adapt wireless presentation systems instead of cables to have a clutter-free set-up.

Lack of seamless connectivity between devices

Conventional meeting room tools pose serious limitations of connecting multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets simultaneously to a common meeting room display. Participants keep shuffling HDMI cables to run presentations in turn which hampers the information flow and makes the meeting time-consuming. Many conference room system are incompatible with the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops, limiting connections to specific operating systems or software versions.

Lack of ease in content sharing

Another extremely common problem that people face with meeting room technology is content sharing, with 58% of people reporting that they regularly experience difficulties and 21% of people claiming that screen sharing in meetings is one of their biggest worries of technology failure. The quality of presentations was rated as better overall when the set-up has run smoothly. In sessions when technical problems occurred participants were 29% more stressed and 10% more nervous during the presentation.

Complex Login Processes

Many conference room tools have passwords that are as secure as Fort Knox. Users are already late by the time they figure out the password settings and log in to the meeting. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a conference room and waiting for the meeting to begin, while the meeting organizer is trying to input a login on the other end. Instead of a lengthy string of numbers, try employing a solution that just takes one easy click on a URL. Regarding conference room technology logins – the simpler, the better.

Having a LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation System in your meeting & conference room is much better for quick and easy content sharing across devices, simultaneously enabling multiple participants to collaborate over a single screen.

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