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What is a Heads Up Display?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Features – something which every Indian looks out for while getting a new car. Considering its 2020, we have got many new features which have made our driving experience simple and convenient. One of the modern-day features that have made their way in the Indian automobile market is the Heads Up Display or the HUD. In today’s featured, we have a look at a car tech which is now familiar to many people in India. Thanks to Kia Seltos and its amazing sale numbers. Let’s dive in and see how this car technology works and why you should have it!

What is a Car Hud?

HUD is a transparent display that is mounted on to the dashboard of the car and displays crucial information and data without diverting the driver from their usual viewing position. This new-age car tech gets its name from the position it allows the driver to be in. By this, we mean that the driver can be in straight heads up position and have access to all the vital information that they need to see while driving the car. Be it the car’s speed or the navigation, you can have it all on the HUD. Initially, they were designed to be useful for military aviation but have gradually shifted to cars and other automotive now.

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