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As more and more companies offer remote working or hybrid working opportunities, people don’t really need many large meeting rooms in the office now. Instead, the need for smaller discussion spaces where a small group of people can quickly have a conversation increases. Therefore, huddle rooms have become popular in recent years. Learn how huddle rooms are changing the business landscape.

What’s A Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small meeting room which is equipped with simple conference equipment. It usually accommodates no more than 6 people. Because a huddle room is often used for informal meetings, people try to make this space where everyone feels comfortable. It not only improves communication in teams, but also allows members to share their thoughts and opinions without fear of being judged.

How A Huddle Room Can Benefit Your Business?

1.Use Space More Effectively

A huddle room requires less space than traditional conference rooms. For companies which are taking a hybrid working model, creating more huddle rooms instead of large conference rooms can save spaces and costs. Or if there are small rooms that aren’t being used for any purpose, you can also think about transforming them into huddle rooms.

2.Cut Operational Costs

A large conference room is usually equipped with advanced audio and visual(AV) equipment, cables, chairs and a big table. If there are not many attendants in a meeting, you usually won’t want to book a large conference room, because it takes time setting up the meeting in a huge room. Once it’s rarely used, it’s a waste.

3.Be Flexible with Timing

Unlike a large conference room, which is often fully booked, a huddle room is designed for informal and short meetings, so employees can easily find a huddle room available to use. You can use a huddle room to discuss topics such as employee satisfaction, performance reviews, and new initiatives to improve your company culture.

4.Provide Convenience for Quick Meetings

With basic AV equipment, employees can quickly set up a meeting in a huddle room and collaborate. People don’t need to book a huddle room two weeks in advance. It enables impromptu meetings to support immediate needs.

Huddle Room Must-Have Equipment Checklist


Screen sharing and content sharing are important parts when members swap ideas for projects. Therefore, a monitor is an essential item for a huddle room. Since the room is for a small group of people to brainstorm, you don’t really need a large 4K monitor. But you can consider purchasing a touch screen display to help the team collaborate more efficiently.

2.Wireless Presentation Solution

The hybrid working and remote working let people to freely choose the tools they want to work with. Some like to use Windows laptops, some like to use MacBook. A LatenTech AV Astrogate wireless presentation system allows everyone to use their own devices to share the presentation. And you won’t see cables or wires in the meeting room anymore. That will make your employees feel more comfortable.

3.Video Conferencing Hardware

Maybe not all your members are in the office, so it’s important to make sure everyone is seen and heard in meetings. Therefore, a camera and an audio system are very important in the huddle room. It can bring employees in a huddle room and remote workers together, collaborate happily and efficiently.

A Huddle Room with LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation & Conferencing Solution is a great way to improve communication within your team. It’s also a great place to have meetings or brainstorm ideas.

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