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A wireless presentation and collaboration system is a cutting-edge technological solution that enables multiple users to seamlessly share and collaborate on content from their devices, wirelessly transmitting it to a central display. This innovative system facilitates real-time teamwork and effortless content sharing, eliminating the need for cables or specialized software. As a result, it enhances the efficiency and dynamism of group discussions and presentations.

The market is flooded with numerous solutions, each offering its own set of features and functionalities. However, our exceptional LatenTech AV wireless presentation solution stands out from the crowd. LatenTech AV combines unparalleled performance, user-friendly operation, and an unmatched assortment of essential presentation and collaboration tools. As a result, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of ‘all-in-one’ classroom collaboration technology solutions that surpass all others in the industry.

1.Scalable active learning solutions

LatenTech AV Learning is a scalable active solution that is perfect for active learning classrooms of all sizes. LatenTech AV supports up to 20 users connecting simultaneously. When multiple displays are present in the room, LatenTech AV enables the sharing of content to up to 4 displays simultaneously. Users have the option to share the same content or different content on these displays. Whether it’s a lecture or a group discussion, teachers can easily share their screen based on their teaching requirements. The most noteworthy aspect is its user-friendly nature. With just a few clicks, teachers can effortlessly create an exceptional interactive classroom experience.

2.Comprehensive collaboration tools

With LatenTech AV Learning, it doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can wirelessly share your screen. If a student uses a laptop to talk about his vacation to peers, he can also share photos or other content from his smartphone at the same time. LatenTech AV supports 4 users/devices to share the content simultaneously which can make the discussion more efficient. When static content alone cannot fully convey an idea, the embedded whiteboard and collaboration tools can also help teachers and students to illustrate and explain ideas in greater detail.

3.Easy screen sharing control

In the market, it’s not easy to find a wireless presentation solution for education. Most solutions don’t provide any screen sharing control feature and teachers may be concerned about irrelevant content being shared on the display. But LatenTech AV provides the Moderation features enabling teachers to have full control over the wireless screen sharing process. Without installing any software, teachers can use any mobile device to preview the screen of each child’s device, check the connection status, and manage the content displayed on the screen. Teachers can also control screen sharing through the display.

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