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Exceptional Performance

Elegant Design

Ultimate Rich sound

Engineered in Germany


Home Wooden Bluetooth Speaker System

Premium Sound Systems

  • Equipped with DSP (Digital signal processing)

  • Invisible base unit in loudspeaker with a double-bass acoustic structure

  • Embedded independent woofer box with dual subwoofers

  • Wood (MDF) cabinet, preferred material for high-performance audio



  • Clear, natural, powerful sound delivered with room-filling coverage

  • Music unaltered, Richer sound bass and Crisper Sound treble

  • Unparalleled listening experience for the home

  • Advanced components packed inside the music machine​​

Embedded independent woofer box with dual subwoofers

Wood shell (MDF) cabinet, preferred material

for high-performance audio with

Patented Dual bass reflex system

Classic NinosGiochi design with its gold script logo, silver lining, wooden casing and retro texture with grille cloth,
it’s a masterpiece of a sound machine

Bluetooth, AUX, Digital Optical, Coaxial

Choose from Bluetooth, 3.5mm Auxiliary input, plug in with Coaxial cable or use the Digital optical connection

FM, Digital Alarm clock, Touch Buttons

Music EQ – Rock, Pop, Classic, Custom

Inputs - Bluetooth, AUX, Digital Optical, Coaxial

Technical Specifications


  • Inputs - Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, Digital Optical, Coaxial

  • Outputs - 40W + 10W x 2 (RMS) Total – 60W RMS

  • Audio signal-noise ratio(SNR) - >70dB

  • Digital Alarm Clock with Touch control buttons

  • Dimension - W360×D245×H170mm

  • Net Weight – 5 KG

  • Power - AC- 110V-220V/50HZ, DC – 16V / 3A

  • Colors – Dark Walnut, Light Oak

  • Horn Unit - Six horn

  • Receive distance - 10m and above

Connect over Bluetooth almost anything.







Touch control and Remote control makes an easy control for this music machine.

Super Power sound with simple power adapter. Listen to music continuously uninterrupted. 


From opening the box to jamming to your tunes, it will only take a couple of minutes.

We designed a speaker that looks as good as it sounds. Its elegant look, simple shape, and smooth curves can compliment any room.

We have used one of the newest & best Bluetooth solutions which allow for easy pairing between a wide range of devices.



The back of the speaker has six interfaces, namely FM antenna jack, external AUX audio interface for a variety of portable devices, Coaxial interface, Optical audio interface, Power jack and Power on/off switch.

Boat Power switch

Sleek wooden cabinet 


Bluetooth, Aux, Coaxial, Optical

Two color options

Dark Walnut , Light Oak


Made of Wood


Wood (MDF) cabinet, preferred material for high-performance audio

Immersive and Pure Enjoyment

                           Designed and manufactured in Germany

High Fidelity sound quality with extremely deep bass


  • 3-inch LCD display

  • 2 Full range speakers + 2 bass drivers

  • Beautiful Wooden Texture overall


  • Rich bass and ultimately rich sound experience

  • Compact All-in-one Design with room Filling stereo sound

  • Professional full-range driver inside, R&D in Germany


  • Embedded independent woofer box with dual subwoofers

  • Wood shell (MDF) cabinet, preferred material for                high-performance audio

  • Patented bass reflex system


  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • Digital Equalization processors

  • Texas instrument amplifier

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